101 in 1001



Inspired by the lovely Mackenize Horan

Date Due: October 15th 2015 {49/101}

101 in 1001

  1. Create 101 things list (Jan 2013)
  2. Learn to cook
  3. Get an apartment with a friend
  4. Go back to school (Jan 2014)
  5. Guest post on an other blog
  6. Land internship at an Public Relations Firm
  7. Buy an adult bag. (Micheal Kors, Kate Spade maybe?) (September 2013)
  8. Travel somewhere in Canada
  9. Fall in love
  10. Save money
  11. Get my licence
  12. Buy a car
  13. Go to a spa
  14. Buy new “adult” clothes
  15. Have a dinner party
  16. Buy & use a kitchen aid mixer
  17. Do 12 random acts of kindness (/12)
  18. Go to New York City
  19. Attend a brunch somewhere where brunch is a thing
  20. Christmas in New York (different from # 18)
  21. Get a bigger bed
  22. Buy a pair of black Louboutins
  23. Buy a Lily Pulitzer dress (Feb 2013) 
  24. Buy & learn Photoshop
  25. Get new contacts & glasses (Contacts Feb 2013 Glasses April 2013)
  26. Get personalized stationary
  27. Lose weight and get down to 130
  28. Stay at 130
  29. Go to the gym at least twice a week for four months straight
  30. Go tailgating
  31. Develop personal style
  32. Get something for my parents that they’ve always wanted
  33. Buy one of those fancy cameras (Dec 2013)
  34. Actually win at beer pong.(Dec 2013)
  35. Stop biting my nails.
  36. Buy my grandparents dinner
  37. Professional pictures of me
  38. Professional pictures of the family
  39. Complete 10 DIY projects I’ve pinned from Pinterest (2/10)
  40. Re-design my blog
  41. Re do an old piece of furniture
  42. See Taylor Swift (June 2013)
  43. De- clutter closet (Aug 2013) 
  44. Organize my contacts
  45. Write a letter to my self to open on my 25th birthday
  46. Buy “coffee table” books
  47. Do an Ikea furniture hack
  48. Start my Memoir (at least have the draft done)
  49. Get my blog featured somewhere
  50. Attend a blogging convention
  51. Clean up my “social-media-ness”
  52. Attend a Yoga class (June 2013) 
  53. Spend the day living like I’m a Millionaire
  54. Re- do business website (July 2013) 
  55. Start a business blog on my website (Jan 2013) 
  56. Go back to blonde (Feb 2013) 
  57. Buy a couch
  58. Get my finances in order
  59. Come up with a new skin care routine
  60. Buy new makeup
  61. Come up with a new makeup look
  62. Workout with a personal trainer
  63. Bake a homemade cake for someones birthday
  64. Publish an e-book
  65. Take Breakfast At Tiffany’s-esque photos in front of Tiffany’s
  66. Take my brothers to a professional hockey game
  67. Go shop at at a flea market / thrift store
  68. Go to 10 new restaurants (1/10)
  69. Re-watch all the Harry Potter movies
  70. Travel to the southern States
  71. Have a girls weekend in a hotel somewhere (June 2013)
  72. Watch 5 Audrey Hepburn Movies (1/5)
  73. Buy the Gilmore Girls on DVD (0/6)
  74. Finish buying Sex and the City on DVD (2/6)
  75. Clean up e-mail
  76. Do a “No Spend Month”
  77. Buy my first piece  Tiffany’s jewellery (might knock out #65)
  78. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a month
  79. Keep my office at work organized! (Feb 2014)
  80. Go snowmobiling
  81. Treat a friend for a dinner
  82. Host a Superbowl party
  83. Embrace the curls!
  84. Get up at 7 am everyday for two weeks (May-June 2013)
  85. Re design my bedroom
  86. Take a writing class
  87. See Eric Church, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert or Tim McGraw live.
  88. Get dolled up for no reason whatsoever
  89. Update my Resume
  90. Buy a printer
  91. Organize and transfer iTunes (September 2013)
  92. Print off pictures and organize them by year.
  93. Invest in some statement jewellery
  94. Get my ears pierced (yes, I don’t have them done) (October 2013)
  95. Learn the sock bun (April/May 2013)
  96. Outfit of the week on my blog
  97. Read 5 new books (1/5)
  98. Collaborate with a brand I love (even if its small)
  99. Meet someone famous
  100. Buy Tory Burch flats
  101. Inspire someone to do their own list


2 thoughts on “101 in 1001

  1. I love #65! Taking photos in front of Tiffany’s would be so much fun. I’ve always wanted to do that!


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