With the year coming to an end tomorrow, I’ve been thinking about this year and what went right and what went wrong. Given, a lot of ups and downs

Some pluses to my year:

  • got out of debt (!)
  • saved and finally bought my MacBook Pro
  • met some really awesome new friends & re-connected with even greater old ones
  • got a somewhat adult job
  • started realizing my dreams

Now the downfalls:

  • Met some (fun!) but overall negative people – but who doesn’t meet bad people? right?
  • spent a little too much money on things I shouldn’t have, and I can’t even say it was clothes
  • My “Adult” job sucks
  • I moved back with my family – rent free, this is a downfall cause they enable the lifestyle I once had without realizing it.

Now I was looking at other blogs (of course) and I got really inspired after reading Carly (www.collegeprepster.com) and Mackenzie (www.mackenizehoran.com) and I loved how Carly had something to focus on each month and Mackenzie highlighted what she achieved in 2012.

So I’m not 100% sure what 2013 has in store for me yet or what I really want to achieve but I promise you this, 2012 is going out with a bang tomorrow night and 2013 will be even bigger for me.


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