Your 20’s

They say your 20’s are the best time of your life. I was told that on my 20th birthday, and I’ve kept being told that. I’ve even told people that. But I’m not so sure if its 100% true anymore. 

Your 20’s are supposed to be college-filled-living-with-your-friends-being brokely-fabulous- and figuring out your life. Okay, that part is true. But I was skimming through the “Bible” the other day (I’m obviously made a Legally Blonde reference there) and they had a article about how your 20’s are actually ruining your life. Okay, I admit I skimmed that too. But one thing really stood out for me.

Social Network sites are affecting you more than you think. Basically saying that what seems like harmless Facebooking checking up on your friends and what not now has turned into self esteem issues as well. 

I know you’re hot. You know you’re hot. But you’re single. Yes, free drinks on weekends & random make outs with that hottie at the bar is great but when you log in it’s all of a sudden “Random girl from high school is now in engaged to some random dude” or oh look, baby pictures. 

Regardless. Life is what you make it. 

What do you think?

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