Lauren Conrad: Style Icon and It Girl

I think every girl that ranges from 16-29 more than likely uses her as a style reference. With her girl next door attitude and her  seamlessly effortless style Lauren Conrad out shines them all.

We all saw her grow up on Laguna Beach, where her style was less than par than it is now and constantly battled the whole Kristen & Stephen thing. (Seriously, what was that horse shit anyways). We saw her fail her first semester at San Fran and move home to Laguna to her life on the Hills, as an emerging fashion student to what she is today: Style Icon, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Author.

I personally, adore Lauren Conrad. If she’s wearing something, I’m quick to try and reproduce it for my self. That California blonde? Yep, you guessed it. I had that too. Her books? Own them, read them, love them. She’s on a cover of a magazine? I’m right there buying it.

Why I love her:

  • Carefree easy style (You can copy & look like a million bucks) 
  • She’s an awesome role model she’s not Lindsay Lohan wasted all the time
  • Who didn’t feel the Hills was about their life?  (I did!)


Look at her golden locks!


Her style is timeless!

Lauren Conrad is todays IT Girl, even though her claim to fame was reality tv. I personally, adore her.


*Photos used in this post are not owned by me and were taken from Tumblr*

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