Spring Cleaning 2013

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, life happens. Any who..here is Trust Fund Broke’s Top 5 things you MUST clean this spring.


1. Your Closet – Now this may be obvious, but you need to get rid of that sweater that you haven’t worn since senior year. Plus, it is THE best de-stresser. I’m a little weird, but I organize my closet by season. I’m all about getting rid of old and in with new more fabulous stuff!

2. Your Car – Really underestimated. The trunk, middle console and glove compartment are all places we seem to use to hide our extra things. I personally hate getting into dirty cars. (Obviously, a couple papers here and there are fine) but I’m talking lazy people with the fast food garbage everywhere, unless we consumed that in the time of me being present in the car, I automatically think you’re disgusting.

3. Your Phone & Social Media Contacts – Okay, de-friend those people that aren’t even creep worthy (unless you do actually want them to see how fab your life is) and delete those contacts that have one name or “Adam from the Bar” unless you text him on a frequent basis I highly doubt he remembers you at all. Sorry hun. And the games, just de-app them.

4. Your Computer – Ahhh, you know ALL those funny Meme’s you saved to post to Facebook? Yeah, you probably forgot about them and now you have 30 pictures saved with LoL1 LOLOLOL and HAHAHAHA. Do some clean up and make your baby shine!

5. Makeup – Most makeups have a 6 month expiry date. Thats not long at all. Then, the air gets them and bacteria and causes infections and thats just gross. Wash your brushes regularly and replace that Mascara!

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