Growing Up is Hard to Do


I have literally changed my mind about life for the past I don’t know at least 20 years. I wanted to be a teacher since elementary school. Except for the brief moment where after seeing Legally Blonde, I was dead convinced I was going to Harvard Law School. Needless to say, I am not a Lawyer.

Enter the most awkward year of my life: Grade 9. 14 years old. Boobs and braces. Great combo. Not. I saw the Wedding Planning around this time and realized my love for over planning and OCD ways would be perfect. Proceed to two completely un relevant years to Grade 12. Anyone who’s ever been in grade 12 ever understands this. You’re king (or queen shit) of the school. You have the best clothes, you get your older siblings to buy you beer. You graduate. You start College or University and you live happily ever after.

Okay, well.. most of that’s true. Grade 12 was a lot of first’s for me. (and the summer after) I graduated and planned on going to Fashion School. (I know, I’m really a jack of all trades) well. I ended up going back for an extra year to go to Europe. I ended up attending about 5 weeks of the whole year whoops. That summer is when I met JR (see this post) well I ended changing my career choice again when I found out we could live for free. I mean it all made sense in my head. Live for free, get a 50K a year job after graduation, live with my fabulous boyfriend. What could go wrong? Oh boy. Just about everything.

Flash to 2011. I’m single, didn’t graduate cause I wanted to play house more than education. Whoops. Well, lessoned learned. Cue the party years and here we are presently, April 2013. Since 2011, I have now gained my certification for Event and Wedding Planning and spent the past 2 years thinking that was exactly what I was going to do. But I’ve changed my mind. Again. I remember when I just couldn’t wait to be an adult. Like I’m talking OMG, this is going to be awesome! I’m going to have some fabulous life.

About that. You know the blog name. You can clearly see I turn a wrong turn down “Bye, Money” lane. I live at home and I have a border line drinking problem and I used the term border cause I drink when I’m bored. Duh.

So I’m looking at Teaching now, kindergarden to grade 6. I’ll keep you posted.

But growing up is hard to do.

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