Should I Stay..


My best friend left 5 days ago to go out to Alberta. She’s like me, other than for school never left home. 

I’m in a situation right now, where I’m very unhappy. What’s one way to change that? Change your surroundings. Sometimes you need to make your own opportunities. 

I made a pro con list & did some job shopping. I can a semi decent job (full time, benefits) & I can live in a house with my best friend. I made a pro con list and the pro’s are completely outweighing the cons and even my mom thinks it’s a good idea. (My mother didn’t like it when I moved away 45 mins) let alone 2 provinces. 

I need to go where people don’t know me, my story & my past. Where I can re-invent myself. Start a new career & live a life I’ve always wanted. 

So should I stay or should I go?

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