the new & improved Trust Fund Broke

So, I started this blog back in December and I’d blog occasionally. I also had anon twitter & anon tumblr to match plus my everyday Facebook, tumblr, instagram & twitter. So TFB REALLY got the back burner.

I’ve really realized that I love writing & it’s a great way to express myself. I’m really discovering who I am lately, and it’s been hard cause I like to be in control and have a map like crazy. The unknown and un-certiny scares me.

I’m also trying to re-invent myself. Figure it out. All while the moneys run out and working a super shitty min-wage job. (Unless your my employer, then I seriously need a raise) I’m going to school (hopefully) in Jan for Public Relations so that’s going to add to everything. Which is exciting.

With this new update: I’ve merged my twitter & tumblr from anon to a new handle (still anon) so if you’re a fan of my old handle, you’ll love this.

The only thing you WILL not see a lot of on this blog is recipes. I can’t cook worth a damn & I don’t try. If I choose to attempt the kitchen, you bet you butt I will be documenting it. But I’ll cover everything from career navigation, fashion, make-up, some really bad dates and learning how to balance everything in between!

I’m super excited to do this. Leave comments or shoot me an e-mail @



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