{ being healthy – on the go }

[ part one of two ]
If you knew me, you would know I’m seriously the most unhealthy person ever. I eat Big Macs and chips and never eat fruit (unless mom makes me). Now because of this little habit, I have gained some booty, a whole lot of jiggle in the middle & a double chin. (How cute right?)

Well my mom and I went shopping like legit would of bought me everything but I hated myself. But she took me to Chapters & I found this little guy.


It’s a Moleskine, and I’m already obsessed it was $26.99 and there’s seriously room for everything! I can’t wait to start being super OCD with it. What I love is the tabs and the blank ones underneath it. There’s also a meal planner section.. How perfect and has space for cals and has a food cal list at the front & even when the fresh foods are in season.

In the next blog, I will be telling you eating habits and meal planning

• end of part one •

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