Review – { Maybline rocket mascara }

I was not paid/ sent product to review, this is my own review.


So somewhere on the internet I saw someone saying good things about the Rocket mascara. I figured, I’m always down


to try new makeup and went down to my local Wal-mart and bought some. It wasn’t overly expensive around $6. I really liked


the wand, thin bristols made it easier to catch the eyelashes. Which, I loved. I got the darkest black and I really liked how it made


my eyes pop. I’m a fan of Clinque’s high impact & lash doubling mascara (especially, used together) and I basically got the same

results in one mascara for more than half the cost.  I’m really into Maybline as a brand lately, I use the BB cream, FIT foundation,

the eye liner & now mascara. I also do use higher end make-up but I get more for my dollaaaa this way.


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