{5 Friends Every Girl Should Have}

Being twenty-something, I’ve realized I’ve had my share of friends good or bad. Some have stayed & some have left. Here are types of friends

1. The BFF for years: You’ve been friends since childhood or high school. You may have drifted over the years, but you still do lunch & you’ll probably be in the wedding.

2. The New BFF: Maybe from college, maybe she was a friend of the friend. But you guys are like Mary Kate & Ashley, inseparable.

3. The Frienamie: It sounds bad, but every girl should have one. She keeps you skinny and competitive. You wouldn’t spill any deep secrets to her but you would share some juicy gossip. This is healthy. Don’t worry.

4. The Co-Worker: You spend your lunch hours together getting Starbucks bitching about your boss, you probably tell each other basics like bad dates, crazy mothers the usual. Just be careful not to share your work dreams – remember co-workers can screw you over (think Heidi and Eloise in the Hills)

5. The Internet friend: You might look at me like I’m crazy. But through social media I’ve met some great friends. People who have the same interests as you. But, with that being said: do research call in CatFish if you have too. If something feels off.. Then it is! Be safe!

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