{My Love Affair with Tequila}

Oh Tequila. How I love thee. Tequila & I met after my break up with JR back in 2011 & it’s been quite the relationship. Back in my more prominent bar star days bar’s used to buy me tequila as I’d do 7 shots straight. I used to also pre game with tequila. A little shot of tequila never hurt anyone. I turned 21 in December of 2011. Messiest birthday to date. SO MUCH TEQUILA. That we took a little break. Then I discovered $4 tequila Saturdays last summer. Shot after shot. December 2012. Two ex’s one birthday. Tequila. Tequila. Tequila. Chase with rum. I’m surprised I could stand. Then tequila and I broke up for a bit. But more recently, when I had a break up (ahem last week) I went on a 5 day tequila bender. I actually showed up at my friends house at 12:30 at night on a Thursday with half a mickey of tequila. Whoops. She was in bed. The best part of having an affair with tequila is that it doesn’t let you down, ever and you can 90% of the time get them for free cause other people enjoy being trashed & watching other people do the shots. 

And that is my summed up version of my love affair with Tequila. Happy Friday babes! 

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