{Bad Boy Bad Boy whatcha going to do when they come for you}

Let’s get this straight. I have two levels of attraction. The cliche douchebag that I hook up with and want absolutely nothing to do with during normal hours. Seriously, if one of them texts me before 8 pm I roll my eyes and take three hours to answer. But the guy’s I wanna date or see or whatever people do these days they are always have some form of quality that I feel like I need to help them. My ex JR, I helped him get his shit together & then he left. Standard. My current crush de jour, has made some shitty life choices and I’m saying emphasis on s-h-i-t-t-y. I should walk away but nope, I’m still convinced that somehow I’m going to fix him. He’s aware that I care as I’ve had the discussion.

There is two types of Bad Boys (so let’s not get confused):

1) Bad-for-you-boys: Manipulative, probably a drug dealer or a drunk, abusive, your friends & family hate him, he makes you cry etc. I know you’re reading this and going “I’m not stupid TFB.” But I’ve seen it happen.

2) Bad Boys: Cue John Hughs 80’s movies. Slicked back hair, leather jacket, smokes, motorcycle and a soft side. (These guys are okay, and you’re allowed to date them)

I’m going to causally insert a Lauren Conrad quote from the Hills. Cause frankly, there’s always a life lesson from the Hills.




PS. If you’re looking for a all around good guy check the friend zone where you left him.


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