{F*ck you, F*ck you very much}

I think this months theme has been boys. I’m just having a good solid month of all then men need to go you know where. I picked the worst time too, it’s fall. Everyone has ridiculously cute pictures in the leaves with their boyfriends or are getting boyfriends and I have seriously had like 5 mental breakdowns and keep asking who wants to do shots of tequila. 

But then I realized that I don’t need some dumb ass who doesn’t know what he’s missing. Cue some girl power sing alongs here. So being the hot bitch that I decided that I’m going down my list of people I may have overlooked and put in the evil friendzone. These are not random people I’d like to add either. Anyways, so last night I was like one of these people are bound to buy me dinner. I believe I texted like 5 people. 1 of them finally said yes, but as friends. EXCUSE ME? No. If I have had sexual relations with you can AT LEAST buy me dinner. I even through out the freakin’ dollar value menu. (Yeah, the desperation came out, no shame) 

I’m not 100% sure when I became so “undateable”. Or even what I’m doing wrong. I know I’m super picky but I mean I can’t of turned everyone off have I? What even makes people undateable? Friends BF’s have told me they aren’t sure how I am single. Oh well one of the mysteries of life apparently. 

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