Why working in retail was the best prep for PR

I’ve worked in customer service since I had my first job at 15 years old.

I started as a CSR (Customer Service Rep) at Pizza Hut. Little did I know at the time that my crappy part time job 8.5 years ago would actually be kickstarting my future career. I remember that a customer was so impressed with the service on his take out (yes, take out) order that when he came back he brought me Starbucks as a tip. Which, I mean was pretty sweet.

After I had left my great career at Pizza Hut I started working for the local newspaper as an editors assistant. By doing so I gained writing skills and by sitting in on various meetings I learned some technical stuff along the way.

Now I’ve been at my current job for 7.5 years off and on. Working in a grocery store probably taught me the most. Just because you work in one department in the store doesn’t mean you aren’t excepted to know literally everything in and out according to the customers. Frankly, it’s your job. Can you control everything? Absolutely not. Can you control how the company’s image is perceived? Yes you can.

I’ve also done fashion retail which was also pertinent to my career in PR. It taught me how to sell, exceed goals and image. Because image is everything.

And that ladies and gentleman is the basics of Public Relations.

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