{day & night looks}

This is not a sponsored post, all products were purchased by myself.

I am not one of those make up girls whatsoever, I walked into Sephora one day and let me tell you. Mind was blown. I can pretend all I want but I had zero clue in that store.

I also don’t often wear makeup and for some reason I’ve gravitated towards Maybelline (I think it’s their kick ass line) and really reasonable pricing and great quality (note: I’ve purchased both in Canada and the US). I will disclose that I have never used the Maybelline consealer or the new setting spray they have released.

Here’s my day time look (as seen on my Instagram):

Hard Candy Glamoflauge: This can actually cover up a tattoo, which is cool cause it covers up my under the eye bags just as well and everything else in between. You also need a very tiny amount for the majority of your face. (Walmart, $6)

Maybelline Fit: I have two of these summer color and winter (the one shown is my winter color of 120 and its Matte and poreless) light weight, I use a blending sponge. I’m pretty sure I got this at Walmart on sale for around $8

Maybelline Falsies: IT’S WATERPROOF, bless for that. Okay I have two versions of this and it makes my eyes look amazing. Now I’ve tried most of the mascara line and all of them are great, this is what just what I prefer. Again, Walmart around $7

Maybelline Master Precise: Let me tell you about this little wonder. I got into the liquid eyeliner cause my girl Lauren Conrad wore the cat eye on The Hills. Except I didn’t wear any eyeliner till I rewatched the series about 3 years ago. I picked up this little guy again I believe Walmart for $8. For a liquid liner, it glides amazing and gives a good wing (what we all need am I right). Also if you know the tape trick your eyeliner will be even and on point.

The Blushed Nudes: 10/10 best knock off of the Nude Pallets (which I have causally used randomly at my friends who owns them). I have a medium skin tone and I tan super crazy so I was skeptical at first with this pallet that the colors won’t show up well on my skin tone. However some do – and it’s beautiful. The PERFECT day time low key smokey eye.

NYX Matte Setting Spray: I grabbed this for 8.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart a few months back. It’s a lifesaver on hot days and nights out (read: you will look less like a hot mess).

Go to night time look:

The Nudes: I love love love Browns. So this is my go to night time color. I mix up the Browns often making custom colors. Purchase it. Right now.

Master Contour: I know nothing about contouring and I can happily say I can almost do it (and for the people who can, I saulte you) the blush and highlighter in this are amazing and need to be able to be purchased separately. The brush that comes with it is a good for the highlight and blush, but a different brush should be used with the bronzer and to be honest, the bronzer that comes with it needs to be blended like crazy.

Master Shape: Hi, my eyebrows have barely survived the great over tweeze of 2000’s so this fills in without looking like I don’t have eyebrows. I got this at Target in the States for about $5

Brow Drama: Pair with above, it’s like a hair spray for your eyebrows to stay put. Keeps them in line.

And there we have it, super quick items that get me through the day and night!

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