{Low Fat Alfredo sauce}

I do not cook. The kitchen is about as foreign to me as they come. Ask my exes, I am the queen of take out. I did however buy Cravings, by Chrissy Tegien and I regret to share with the world that I packed it in the wrong box in storage hours away, so there is not any current recepies for me to screw up from that book any time soon.

Alright, so ya girl over here is on diet and was kicking ass and losing weight until this past weekend where I stuffed my face for graduation. Oops. Anyways, Alfredo is like the love of my life right up there with drunk Big Macs and spinach dip so tonight I thought I’d whip up some sauce for dinner.

Naturally I would like to take credit for this delish sauce but I got it from http://simplegreenmoms.com/low-fat-alfredo-sauce/ via Pinterest!

First of all, it took literally like 20 mins. I prepped my sauce early and put it in the fridge in case I screwed it up and had to buy more.

What you need: 

1 ½ cups milk ( I used lactose free) 

1 garlic clove, peeled

1 tablespoon all-purpose flour

2 tablespoons fat-free cream cheese

½ cup grated Parmesan cheese

2 tablespoons butter

Salt/Pepper to taste

I also topped it up with finely cut chives. 

Take all those ingredients and throw it in a blender for 2 mins or so then pour into a saucepan or a microwaveable dish your choice. (PS: if you do the stove top like I did, start it once the water is to a boil for pasta)

Cook the pasta to the directions on the package and pour the heated sauce over top of the cooked pasta and volia, easy meal that’s healthy! 

Bon appetite !

Check out more recipes here !

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