{GOMO & why you should do it}

First of all, you are probably thinking “what the hell is GOMO”. Let me tell you. It’s the opposite of FOMO (fear of missing out) and GOMO means Getting Out More Often. We are in the last days of summer and I’d be lying if I said I may have watched a lot of Netflix this summer – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t done cool things!

I recently came across Eventbrite, the largest self service ticketing platform to help people find and plan events. They are encouraging people to combat the FOMO and replace it with GOMO. So when I was brainstorming for this post I was going to do it on Boots and Hearts, but then I decided to do something I wouldn’t usually attend. A craft beer festival.

Okay, decision made, I’m going to a craft beer fest. Here are some thoughts that crossed my mind before attending:

  • Is there a dress code I should know about? (There isn’t)
  • Are they going to ask me about beer? I’m screwed if thats the case.
  • Do people really attend these things (I’d say 70% or more was non-locals)
  • OMG this little stein is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

So I went to the Collingwood Craft Beer festival ran by Canadian Craft Beer Festivals. What a welcoming group of people! Jokes were rolling the second I walked up. For a $25 admission I got the cute little stein and 6 tokens (I purchased an extra 10 for $10). I walked around feeling very overwhelmed with options and tried to stick to breweries I have never heard of.

Before I tell you about the samples and jokes all around, my philosophy was either surprise me because I am fortunate enough to be able to blog about this. I didn’t have much of a plan and I left it to the experts to give me the ultimate experience.

I kicked off the circuit with Broadhead Beer based out of Ottawa, I’m not sure what I actually drank I asked the guy to surprise me and he gave me his favourite but it was a pale ale. Next up I went to Collingwood Breweries (it seemed fitting) and I tried some Saison beer, now that was good. I went to sit down right beside the Collingwood Breweries and I noticed someone that was not a microbrewery but I was oh so happy to see is my favourite Boston Lager, Samuel Adams. Which you can’t actually get in Canada. I think I would of bought the keg from them. As I walked around I saw a brewery called Barnstormer. WATERMELON BEER and when I can find it back up north I will buy ALL OF IT. At this point I was feeling pretty hungry so I went over and got the classic fries from KungFu Dawg. Back on beer venture. Next stop was Beaus. Told the guy to surprise me and he gave me a bitter beer (warning: it isn’t as bad at first but when trying to decide my next stop it got bitter over time) but as I said to the guy I’ve had exes more bitter than the beer. Also Beau’s has the Tom Green Beer so I mean, they are winning. The second last stop was a brewery who was giving away stickers that everyone seemed to have (and yes, I totally got  a sticker) and the guys were so fun. They had a mega phone and was having fun with the crowd. I had so much fun with the guys at SawDustCity that I went back twice. Not only were these guys also from the north, they come from Gravenhurst a place I used to go to a lot as a child. My last stop on the beer circuit was BrickWork Cider House, a very simple cider that went down a little to easy to end my night.

There was a lot of breweries I didn’t get the chance to hit up but you can see the list over on the Collingwood Craft Beer Festival website.

I should also add that no beer fest is complete without some live music, when I was attending they had Collingwood’s favourite the Strange Potatoes.


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