{Cheese Stuffed Crossiant Rolls}

So here in Canada, it’s Thanksgiving. Which means most people are scrambling to bring something to dinner whether it be a family Thanksgiving or a Friendsgiving. Here’s a super easy recipe to make some yummy crossiants for any occasion.


One roll of Pillsbury Crossiant dough (makes 8)

Shredded cheese of your choosing 

Pre Heat the oven to 375 (which it says on the roll thing) and cook for 12 mins. 

Unroll the dough (disclaimer: I can never open the tube and they always look screwed up #domestic)

Add a small handful of cheese (or a lot and spread it out)

Roll them all up (yes, I know I can’t roll. Never have)

Pop in the oven once it’s preheated for 12 mins

And there you have it, a super easy snack, breakfast whatever I don’t judge!

Check out more recipes here!

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