{a letter to my College self..}

Dear Amber,
Congrats on following your dreams and getting out of your hometown, oh and btw this two year is about to turn into a four year – and your mom isn’t gonna like it.

Your first year is going to be so influential and shape you for the next few years. You’re gonna meet some great people, some not so great people (one who will try and set you on fire), people who you only have memories with (and how you have no bad feelings just love towards them) and you’re gonna fall in love. You are such a kindhearted person (thanks mom & dad) however, people are gonna take advantage of that. That’s okay, the people you’ve met in first year some have stayed around and some are a mere memory.
One thing I wish you did more of was to go out more, yes Rez parties were fun, but you missed out on a whole year of the best bar in the city because you worried to much, but hey that’s why they called you mom.

Second year, don’t quit. You didn’t and your life got hella complicated but it made you stronger and with that being said, you went through a lot of roommates and almost lost a friend (she comes back and makes your life so much better and motivates the hell out of you) and most importantly you’re gonna graduate and I’m still so proud of us. You worked your ass off, called mom I don’t know how many times but it happens, you did it! Oh and you’re still living off of Boston Pizza and any pizza joint you can order from. Please for the love of God learn how to cook.

Because of the drama of all the roommates in second year, you now live with someone you didn’t see coming and for the most part you love it. Living with a guy is a whole new game but it’s less stressful. However, you have a lot of personal stuff going on right now and that’s okay, you have your friends and they are your rock. You’ll be 100% again.
But most importantly, you’re gonna learn to love yourself and you have a take it or leave it attitude. You stand up for yourself (but you still cry a lot). You’ve met such fantastic people over the last 3 years and that’s what matters. You’re slowly getting your life in order (I said slowly) and you’re gonna be okay kid. Oh and your student debt is large and your moms REALLY mad (you should look at refinancing options!) but for the love of god Amber. Get a job. Stop spending money like your still working full time. You get your student loan and your super cautious first year, mildly okay second year and third year, girl that loan lasted two days. Please learn to budget, you aren’t out buying new clothes or drinking it away. I actually don’t know what you’re doing with it. But you need to remember that there’s a high interest rate and you need to pay it back. It is not free money nor is it an income (but you gotta stop being like that’s a future Amber problem) I am future Amber and you have a mess. Be thankful your parents refused to consign any other loans or credit cards for you, because all your friends are in a lot more debt than you, so stop calling your mom and begging her. She’s doing you a favour.
You’ll be okay kid, everything will work out!

One thought on “{a letter to my College self..}

  1. Love it girl!! I can relate!! Glad to hear that things are going better now! Stay strong, and keep on keeping on !

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