{Sayin NO more}

I am a yes girl, I will say yes to everything because I don’t want to disappoint people. I over book myself, I run myself thin, and I just try to do it all. My friends call me “mom” (I’m 26). In today’s society we are told to say yes more, there’s multiple books on it, movies, memes, it’s a phenomenon. What about the ones who can’t say NO?
But no amount of perfectly organized planners can get you out of saying yes. I often find myself filling up my day quickly and with little room for error for being late. Actually, sitting down to write this post with no pending plans happening tonight is amazing. 
This year (the whole 16 days) of it has been my selfish year, it’s about me and my feelings and nothing else. If I’m not being the best person I can be then, I need to reevaluate. But, you’re probably thinking okay what does that have to do with saying no? I’m challenging all my yes girls and guys to say no more! “No, Becky I don’t want to go out.” “No, Bill I can’t walk your dog that day” “No, Amanda we don’t need to spilt the bill since yours was so much more than mine”. Stand up for yourself, realize that you don’t need to say yes to absolutely everything if you aren’t getting anything in return (obviously, I’m not saying don’t do anything if you aren’t getting anything in return, be a good person.) But I mean if it’s gonna drain you, cause more issues than it’s worth. SAY NO!
Make every decision with this mindset: “Will this better me in the future?” If the answer is no, say no! 
Sometimes peoples feelings maybe hurt – especially if they are used to depending on you for everything, but eventually they will get over it and if they don’t, you knew what the friendship meant to you. Don’t run yourself thin trying to help others, and it’s hard especially when you say no and you still end up doing it. 
I also keep a gratitude journal ($7.99 Micheal’s) to keep me in check daily, was I the best person I could be? Did I do things to help others WITHOUT running myself thin?
I also need to work on not feeling guilty cause I said no, and so far I’m not doing so well, I just feel so guilty. 

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