{Friday Five}

I’ve always wanted to incorporate this into my blog somehow so every Friday I’m gonna list five things that have caught my attention in the week regarding music, fashion, movies, tv, books etc

Movie: I just watched Hacksaw Ridge with my roommate, it’s a war movie directed by Mel Gibson and has Andrew Garfield and a surprising (and very well done) appearance by Vince Vaughn. 

TV: TGIT came back last week, so you damn well I’ve recorded Greys and Scandal! (I need to watch the current season of HTGAWM)

Books: You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero I’ve had this since the summer and I’ve enjoyed it so far. 

Song of the week: Rich by Maren Morris. Her whole album is amazing and on repeat but this is my current favourite. 

Blogs: even though I read A LOT of blogs in a week I’m gonna do my first FridayFive to my dear friend Wine And Misadventures who has helped and motivated me a lot over the last few months. This ones for you girl 💕

Well that’s it for this weeks round up! See ya next week

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