{When your week starts off on the wrong side of the bed..}

So it’s Sunday night and it’s gonna be mid day Monday by the time this is posted (I know, I’m the worst) but I decided that it was gonna be the best week ever. Well let me say that every time something goes wrong in my life the Friends theme song plays in my head, so that’s fun.

So Monday morning rolls around, I literally stayed in bed till 7:50 because honestly, who’s gonna stop me? No one. Might have skipped my 2 hour law class (am I gonna be a lawyer, nah) and my friend on her way to get me (bless your soul) took out her mirror. So Monday was off to a rough start. She also forgot the Parking Pass. But it’s all good, I’m determined to turn this week upside down and make it my bitch.

So here’s how to have the best week ever when everything is against you:
Step One: sing that annoying lego movie theme song about having the best day ever.
Step Two: Make a tea or coffee whatever floats your boat

Step Three: look at your planner and figure out what you have to do this week

Step Four: go back to bed (JK, don’t do that)

Step Four for real: think of 7 things that are gonna make you happy this week. And you have to pick 7 cause it’s one per day.

Step five: allot your time PROPERLY, don’t overbook yourself. You do you.

Step Six: Breathe, I know your probably thinking wtf am I reading right now?? But trust me, take some deep breaths and recenter yourself.

Step Seven: let any negative thoughts go, you are what you put into the universe!

Also if you have any clutter in your house (or your dorm room) take sometime to declutter. Derek Shepherd says it’s a beautiful day to save lives and I say “it’s a beautiful day to clean your house”
Hopefully some of these tips can turn around your week :)

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