{Friday Five}

Seriously, are you guys loving these posts as much as I am writing them? Being midterm season: I’m making this my organization faves.

1. My Planner – there is a whole post coming up on this because I am literally obsessed.

2. Post it notes – I have a sick obsession with them. Every size, every colour, shape you name it. My all time favourite is the all adhesive ones. Game changers.

3. Sharpies – I actually don’t know who allows me into stores anymore but I am a sharpie queen. sidenote: the highlighter with the see through part, best investment.

4. Paper Mate Flair– I use these for my planner mostly but also when I need to emphasize something in my notes. Best part? Unlike most Sharpies (except the pen) they don’t bleed through and any of my stationary people will yell a Amen.

5. My iPhone 6s + – okay, I get made fun of so much for the size of this baby, but I won’t go back down in size ever again. A) I’m a huge iPhone person because it’s simple and clean plus it merges with my MacBook Pro, so so well. I mostly use this to organize lists (groceries etc) and all my blog posts. (I write 98% of them on my phone – on the go, just like all of you)!

I’ve linked all the products through my Amazon Associates account, help a broke girl out! These opinions were 100% my own and have used over and over again for years.
What are your favourite organizational products? Leave it in the comments :)

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