{Take a risk, take a chance, make a change..}

There’s always that one person you have a super complicated history with, and you may think you have had some before but then this happens and all of a sudden every Taylor Swift song makes sense.
They might be The One That Got Away or The One That Never Really Left. There is this one man that from the day we met, I knew and my gut feeling has always (and I mean always) on point when it comes to him. But thankfully, my gut loves everyone and I can use that feeling with other people too. I have that feeling with a friend of mine and a guy (which shall remain nameless for privacy and to not ruin the universe plans). That’s neither here nor there right now.

A friend of mine read this post over on Wine & Misadventures and then texted me some guy problems and long story short, they had a thing, he got a girlfriend, they broke up and now he wants to get coffee. I told her to go for it, see what happens because if she didn’t.. would he have been the one that got away? The universe opens (and closes) doors for a reason, and sometimes those doors never fully shut and sometimes they reopen. If the door reopens? Go explore it.
If you’ve missed it, during my absence I’m all about self love, and manifesting good energy into the universe and seeing what it has in store.
Okay, back to the original programming. So okay, hopefully you’re reading this screaming yassss girl in your head (or out loud, that’s cool too). So if you’re in this situation, you need to grab it by the horns and go for it. I’m not even talking about guys, I’m talking about get rid of those shitty & shady friends (we all have them!), I’m talking about the trip you’ve always wanted to go on. That job you’ve been to scared to go for. Manifest your life to what you want! Don’t be scared to do things that make you happy! Be happy, be sad, run a 10k (don’t sign me up for that!), dance it the fuck out like Meredith and Cristina. But remember my sweet sweet friends, that if you do shitty things to people karma will get you (or a psycho person you pissed off) so be good, but don’t be afraid to take chances!
and this post was supposed to be about dudes and fuck that, love yourself 🙌🏼✌🏼

[credit to the title of this post goes to my homegirl Kelly Clarkson]

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