{Friday Five}

ONE // Miley’s new song, Mailbu. I am living for the Cyrus’s right now. Go listen to it. 

TWO // Snail mail, I’m all about sending my friends some love in the mail. What’s better than mail that isn’t a bill?

THREE // McDonald’s dollar drink days, I love my caffeine and I looooove my iced coffee. I’ll take a medium vanilla made with milk please 

FOUR // Tulips, I love the spring time and Tulips are just a quick and easy way to spruce up your home! 

FIVE // Paris Hiltons W magazine interview. I am not gonna sit here and lie and say I was not a fan of Miss Hilton in the early 2000’s. I had a “That’s Hot” shirt and I regret nothing. Paris, Brittney and Lindsay we’re icons. Paris was the original Kardashian (I mean, she gave Kim her start as a closet cleaner) and her brand is on point. I can not wait for the Hilton rise to fame again. Can not wait. 

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