{Post Grad Life}

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way, your jobs a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D.O.A”

You work anywhere between 2-4 years on your degree or diploma and you put literal blood sweat and beers into it. Well the fun is ending and your parents are calling you everyday to talk about your future. Peace out higher education it’s been real. 
But, there’s this glorious thing called grad school (or 1 year diplomas in Canada) where it gives you options to pursue more education. Bring on the essays, plus it gives you time to figure out what you’re actually doing with your life. “Oh yes, I’m currently taking a grad program in __________”. And suddenly Aunt Susan, shuts up and goes “good for you honey!”

But for those who have entered the Post Grad world, welcome. So the Post Grad world is a maze (I’ve heard rumours it’s called adulting) you aim to get a job in your field, you have to figure out how to pay back your debt, you may live with your parents and you may have a job not even remotely close to what you just went to school for but it’s allllll good. You’ll also find that all of a sudden all your friends are getting married and having babies. I got drunk last week on a Monday @ 4:30 and cleaned my apartment (who is more fun than me). Anyways, I’ve got an okay job that lets me live a comfortable life but I’ve got bills and they are multiplying and a mother who goes “are you ever gonna work in your field?” (Public Relations, hit me up) 
I’m twenty six and half years old, I should know how to manage my finances better and budget and have some form of life plan. I don’t. I mean I have ideas, thoughts and would be nice to do – is that normal? Did I miss that at the Post Grad life meeting? Should I still desire to get absolutely shit faced on a Wednesday to 90’s music? Shouldn’t I have some cute Pinterest inspired apartment with my 6′ tall model boyfriend and our cute puppy? (not gonna lie, I really did think that I’d wake up with that one day like it was right of passage). 
Each day I find myself relating to that Alexis Bledel movie Post Grad. Even though there isn’t a manual (unless there is, then please sent it to me ASAP!) on how the world works after Post Grad in the words of my favourite teacher “Dream. Try. Do good” – Mr. Feeny

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