{Planner Post!} 

I’ve been literally promising you this planner post for months so here it is. Finally here it is. I’m generally a die hard Kate Spade planner fan I had one for 2013-14, 2015-16 (I had a Lilly Pulitzer in 2014-15) and then for this year, I had purchased a Day Designer.

First of all, I love Day Designer. Total #GirlBoss planner. My biggest issue was the 6am-9pm layout. I personally found I didn’t have enough things in my day to fully use it’s full potential. (Yes, I was in school at the time of using it) but everything else I loved about it. Hopefully in the future, I’ll be able to fill and maximize the full potential. Use for: your busy 9-5 life.

Second up was the Recollections by Michaels spiral planner (similar to the Happy Planner). It wasn’t a bad planner, had a good amount of space, easy to use, easy to organize (I did mine by home, school, other). I bought all the stickers, washi tapes basically decked it right out. I had no complaints until the hard plastic covers would rip off in my bags.

Use For: school mostly

Third and final planner is the Happy Planner. Comes in a wide variety of sizes and you’ve most likely seen a whole aisle of it at Michaels. What I really like about this is how you can add and subtract pages. (I’ve currently got the budget expansion pack in it). Also the accessories for the planner line is addictive. Damn you Michaels and your coupons. I’m currently using this for day to day activities and my work schedule (if the wall calendar and iCal wasn’t enough). I feel like this planner is great for moms and students. I’m currently starting to make my mom a customized one for her busy life.

Other organizers I have and use:

  • the Recollections Grateful Journal
  •  the Recollections Fitness Journal
  • a bullet Journal (Moleskine)
  •  a 5 subject notebook

What are you guys using? Let me know below or on my Instagram! I loooove planners 😊

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