{a trip to Leisure Farms}

So Sunday we all took a rainy trip to the small town of Strugeon Falls, Ontario where we went to Leisure Farms (look that up on Instagram – pumpkins everywhere) and braved the rain and went on probably the best day we’ve ever had. On a good day Leisure Farms hosts around 6000 people on their fall season but do to the rain I don’t think we saw more than 50 people all day.

I’ve never been to Leisure Farms and I wanted one of those damn pumpkin pictures, and I get one Sunday off a month and it was raining. Oh well, the rain wasn’t even horrible.

We arrived and went inside for 3 of us it was $30 to do a wagon ride, roast marshmallows have hot chocolate and get a small pumpkin and a corn maze. Plus $2 each to launch a PUMPKIN CANNON.

First up was the corn maze, that was $2 and a lot of fun. We ended up wandering through together till (surprisingly) the end we decided to spilt up, my roommate was the first out, I was the second & my best friend got lost. We ended up going back into the maze and found her. Then we went to the big tent and got our hot chocolate and then jumped on the wagon. The wagon ride took us to the back of the property (where the pumpkin canon was) and through trails that had Teepees and a tree fort (which was made by giants I swear) we ended up hanging around the rented fire warming up because we got caught in more rain then we did all day. After an hour we jumped back on the wagon and headed back to take the famous pumpkin pictures. We looked like drown rats cause apparently we weren’t smart enough to think to do it before the rain. We also went into the building where we paid & got fresh bread, pies cookies and a cinnamon roll for ya girl over here. The same guy who was working cash and I got chatting and when he found out about the blog he told me to make sure I tag them and #farmlife

Leisure Farms is open 9-5 everyday and the fall activities are 11-5 on weekends!

Thanks for the fun time Leisure Farms #FarmLife

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