{From the Hills bad boy to Pratt Daddy}

If you told me in 2006 I would be sitting here 11 years later on a blog writing about Spencer Pratt, I would of laughed in your effing face.

First things first – I thought Spencer Pratt was this little hottie bad boy on the Princes of Malibu with the other hottie, Brody Jenner so you can imagine my excitement when the Princes joined the cast of my beloved Hills (I watch all them about once a year FYI) Anyways so Brody starts going after Lauren in this now-made-public-knowledge of a “relationship” but what was real was Spencer and Heidi’s relationship. When Spencer first joined the show I adored him then obviously “we know what they did” happened and Spencer became one of MTVs Bad Boy Villains and we all thought Heidi should leave him and that whole drama gave us a good 6 seasons of guilty pleasure watching.

But lets fast forward to 2017 where our favourite MTV Villain has turned into Pratt Daddy.

I think I stumbled on Spencer via Twitter one day in late 2016 and honestly no boy has ever had my heart like Spencer Pratt currently does (Sorry Heidi). Spencer has taken over social media, he is our God and we must bow down. But Mr. Pratt Daddy himself gave me an opportunity via Twitter that was the coolest thing of my entire career (and lack of). We were chatting via Twitter and I told him we need a TV show (Fun Fact: as I’m writing this he’s at E studios filming the Rundown and talking Kardashian’s) and we tagged MTV and I actually pitched to MTV in 140 characters. SO thank you for that.

Spencer is a way of life, once you discover him you cant get enough and your 2006 self will hate you for loving him. He’s actually the modern day Oprah of Millienals. I watch all of Spencers content and day to day life via Snapchat so its like I have a TV show but live so ha MTV. The world also witnessed the pregnancy of the miracle (and social media verified) Gunner Stone Pratt and while watching the Pratts on Snapchat you can actually see the love radiate from your phone screen to their child. But we cannot forget about Spencer and the Hummingbirds aka Allen. When Spence isn’t loving crystals, his son, or the hummingbirds he’s single handily responsible for making Taylor Swift famous again (not even sorry Kayne).

I best wrap up what turned out to be a love letter about Spencer. But go follow him. Thank me later (with a $200 bottle of tequila)

Here’s to you Pratt Daddy.

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