{27 things I learned by 27}

27 things I’ve learned by 27

1. it’s okay to not know what the fuck you are doing (no one does)
2. Society sucks, live by your own rules. 22 and bought a house? Awesome. 27 and drinks champagne as a main food group? Also awesome.
3. Eat healthy but still eat pizza. Treat your body good but treat yourself too
4. You lose friends like a drunk girl loses her earrings – the ones who never left are the ones meant to be
5. Just fuckin buy it. Life’s short.
6. Early nights and Netflix are not terrible
7. You will have less bar clothes and more sweaters. I ain’t even mad.
8. Plot twist: no one gives a fuck, so go and do it. (That’s your motivation)
9. You’ll hang out with people you never thought you would and they’ll turn out pretty damn awesome.
10. Figure you’re financial life out a bit, for god sakes.
11. Beyoncé was right, if he likes it he will put a ring on it & if not TELL HIM BOY BYE.
12. Go to the gym, it sucks, but everyone else there thinks it sucks too.
13. Follow your fuckin dreams man, who cares if your mom says it’s going no where
14. Swear, lots.
15. Self care is way more important than you think.
16. Find your happy.
17. Get a routine (still working on that)
18. Do your laundry and dishes and learn how to properly clean a bathroom. Please
19. The FRIENDS theme song is more relatable than you think. (👏🏼👏🏼)
20. Fall in love with yourself
21. Your friends will always support you and if they don’t they ain’t a real friend
22. Just binge watch
23. Naps are underrated
24. Whether you want to or not, always try and look your best cause when you don’t you see EVERYONE
25. Degrees are helpful but they don’t always mean anything, crush it girl.
26. Spend as much time as you can with loved ones
27. Say it. Feel it. Life’s short.

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