{Lost & Found}

There’s something very bittersweet about loosing someone you love. But there’s also something beautiful when you learn to let go. In letting go, I’ve found genuine happiness.

I started out 2018 with the “this is my year” mindset, but for once it seems to be working out.

I’m not gonna get into the heartbreak or any of that stuff because I’ve touched on it in previous posts and that person is literally my best friend. We might not be in love anymore but he still loves and supports me, which is tremendous.

Loosing him did suck, but I’ve found myself in so many ways. I go to the gym, I eat better and everyday I feel like I better myself in a little way. I’m happier, I’m more energetic. I’ve written down my goals and I’m slowly achieving them. I used to have shitty days and then it turned into a week of shittiness. But even if I have a rough 5 mins, I deal with it. I’m not gonna let a bad 5 mins dictate my day or week. At the end of every day and every week I still feel like I had the best week ever, I don’t know if that comes with maturity and letting things go or what.

Maybe it’s the freedom I’ve been feeling lately. Freedom in doing whatever I want. The freedom to know that each day is a new day and shits gonna happen either way. Maybe this doesn’t even have anything to do with him or our relationship (it kinda does though) but this is it. It’s my life and it’s a great day to be alive.

But what I thought would be the end of the world, was really just my beginning ✨


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