{This year was for like, realizing things}

I’ve seen a number of social media posts this year about how “not everyone you loose is a loss” and how 2018 has shown us things etc. 2018 made me a stronger person and I’ve come to understand my goals, my ambitions, who’s in my circle, who never was, toxic relationships, toxic friendships, how I do not always need to take care of everyone around me (even though it’s in my nature), how you can be there and not be there, show up for people who matter despite if you haven’t talked in a while.


I know I’ve addressed this numerous times on here, but I’m a professional people pleaser. I absolutely hate doing the “wrong” thing, even though the wrong thing might be the right thing for me. I put off blogging the second it feels like work, I’m a professional procrastinator and I will do it but at the very last second and it could be done beautifully or completely half assed, and that my friends is life.

We’re all humans, we’re all growing and evolving daily, we make choices, we make mistakes, we learn, we don’t learn, we stay in our comfort zone, we leave our comfort zone.

I got out of bed at 7 am this morning (which is normally a huge no from me) and yeah its 12:10 pm when I’m writing this but holy crap I’m exhausted. I have a sponsored post to get done and I seriously need to do it, instead I’m writing this while my cable gets installed. (3 months without TV was torcher, I accept my defeat even though I have Netflix and Heyu). There is zero point to that paragraph, but I’ma keep it anyways cause its real.

I’ve also learned that the minute you start doing well for yourself suddenly people who didn’t fuck with you, do. The attentions great do not get me wrong, but it’s like um, I get I’m having my Khloe glow up rn but can you not? Thanks.

I’m a firm believer in everything happening for a reason and people gravitating in and out of your life (as shit as it is) but I truly believe they do that depending on the energies you need in your life (or theirs) at the time. You know what I’m talking about, those people who never really go away but yet are always there just right when you need them.

and that concludes my Tuesday rambles.

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