{Nutree Hair Botox}

Y’all my hair is a gosh darn disaster ALL. THE. TIME. It’s processed, it’s thick, it’s got a curly wave going on and it even gets a dreadlock going. Not even kidding. So I’m constantly looking for good solid hair care. Through an Influencer program, I received this product for free however y’alllllllll.

First things first here’s my hair prior to the Botox hair treatment:

Second of all the benefits of this treatments are insane:

* smoothing effects up to 8 weeks
* deep hydration
* thermal hair protection
* colour and radiance that locks
* protection reconstruction of hair fibre (hello!)
* natural ingredients
* anti humidity for up to 5 weeks
* brightness and softness
* there’s a whole a bottle for my blondies

disclaimer: I just sectioned off my hair and slathered that baby right in. (I’m a busy gal, what can I say)

(Not pictured the Christmas movie in the background getting my feel good holiday goodness in and also me wondering what time I actually put this in at – it also smells like bananas which I’m more than okay with smelling for 40 mins)

Final verdict: ohhhhh my gosh guys, I’m not even kidding when I say it makes you feel like you went to the salon and got your hair did. My hair instantly felt softer when I was washing it out and smoother when I was drying it. It also got rid of all my product build up (the literal worst).

The Day after:

Okay so I totally walked around just touching my hair all day, I still feel like I had salon soft hair. They recommend to straighten your hair right after – but I know my hair so I blow dryed it as per the instructions and left it as straight as my crazy hair will let me and then curled it the next day. (So yes, now we’re on two day hair and it’s stilll killing it)

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