Jen x Brad, Vanderpump Rules,Very Cavallari & Pilot Pete

So my first post is a big one, but there’s a lot to talk about and frankly I’m too obessesed with pop culture that on Monday I walked into my office and recapped all of Jen and Brad’s relationship and the recent interaction of them.


I have been Team Jen since 2005, I have no shame and I will literally not watch a movie with Angie in it. But huge props to her for the charity work, ya girl can support that.

So Jen and Brad were together from 2000-2005 and ended the marriage when he cheated on her on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith. Bradeglina later had like 7 kids. Three of them biological. Jennifer married Justin something and ended up divorced the same year Brad and Angie split.

This past weekend was the SAG Awards and Brad and Jen both have been in the hot circuit of the Red Carpet. But despite Brad being seen at numerous parties Jen has had (including her 50th birthday), the former couple got the world talking with this picture, which I of course like most of the world freaked out and wanted to know more.

As someone who has a healthy relationship with some of her exes, I truly think it’s wonderful that they can still support each other professionally. So this interaction was huge, I love it. I’m here for it and fully support this friendship. Do I want him to not be in the “We Hate Rachel Green Club” absolutely (but also cause two out three Green sisters are on a new show together).


I am freaking obsessed with this show. I binged the first 7 seasons on HayU over the summer and I live for what these people do. LVP, a freaking QUEEN. Stassi, my OG since day one. This season came to freaking plaaaaay. I’m going on the record now of saying the new cast needs to go. They could of been supporting cast members instead of the title. But whatever, I do not have a Bravo reality tv show so I know nothing.

One thing I want to address is the character development of Jax & Stassi. If you’ve seen the earlier seasons you know alllll about that train wreck, I absolutely adore that they are such good support for each other.

I think the new season will be crazy, the last episode featured Sandvol vs Stassi freaking the eff out about her book tour at Tom Tom. Sheena is still boy crazy (but she once liked my tweet). I need to know about Kristin & Carter (but have totally been there girl). Tom & Katie are still my loves. I can not wait for Brit & Jax’s wedding AND Stassi and Beau’s engagment. Racquel drives me up the wall, but glad to see James sober. I still require way more Peter than is shown on the TV. I also think it’s going to be interesting to have Randal on this season with Lala.

Very Cavallari

In the case of Lauren Conrad vs Kristin Cavallari circa 2004. I will forever Team LC. Do I have a soft spot for Kristin, yes. Do I love her relationship with Jay. Yes. I started watching season one to see the hype, was not disappointed and someone get me Shannon Ford’s phone number.

So this season seems to focus more on Jay and Kristin’s relationship and her fall out with her BFF Kelley and celeb hair stylist Justin Anderson has moved to Nashville and is appearing on the season which I think should be fun.

Peter Weber, the man who can f*ck four times in a windmill...

and have Hannah B coming back this season for more. This season truly is a whaaaaaat just happened. I have a feeling that if a) Hannah B doesn’t make a third appearance at the end of the season to get all up in that Peter Weber windmill lovin’ its going to be Hannah Ann. I also feel like Peter got someone pregnant and that is why the OG of the whole franchise Mr. Chris Harrison is like we just found out.

But you know what they say.. Kris Jenner works hard but the Bach producers work harder.

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