How to have a successful month (and stay organized)

This is one thing I’ve really been struggling with and it’s staying organized and on top of my sh*t. Lately, I have not been and avoiding them at all costs.

Dry Erase Boards

I got mine at the dollar store for $4 and it came with a magnet to put on the fridge. Mine is set up with dates and when things are generally due and what events I have coming up. As this is on my fridge, I personally don’t put the totals owing. But I find it’s great for a quick glance and for those oh crap moments.

Daily Planners

I have my planner just like everyone else in the world. My 9-5 job has commissions involved so I also add those on the days I earn them so I know what to expect on my paycheck. I use my monthly view in my planner for the actual totals due and if I need to split up payments for anything. I also include my paydays for easy reference.

Habit Tracker

This is something I’m trying for the month of March, I found print outs on Pinterest and found one that seems to work for me I’ve listed the tasks such as:

  • water consumption
  • skin care
  • a “five minute” tidy
  • dishes
  • deep clean (once a week)
  • review finaces

Those are just some examples, but I didn’t want to start with an overwhelming list as part of the reason is to also get into the habit of marking it down.

A Budget

Now, this is actually going to be a whole separate post later in the month. Budgets are scary and being accountable is scarier. Start to really look at your fiances. I downloaded the Mint app, and set budgets through the app and it sends me notifications when I’ve over spent in categories.

How do you guys stay on top of things? Leave me a comment below or tag me on Instagram @trustfundbroke!

One thought on “How to have a successful month (and stay organized)

  1. Love the “5 minute tidy”! I can sometimes get more done in 5 minutes tidying than what I would get done if I planned to tidy up lol! Thanks for sharing.

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