how to survive corona virus (when you do not get to work from home)

Just like all of you, I see everyone working from home (which is my personal life goal) but unfortunately I am at work as we haven’t been shut down yet.

  1. This should be SUPER obvious by now, but wash your damn hands.
  2. Plan ahead as much as you can. I’m talking, food, bills, work, gas.
  3. Disinfect, disinfect, disinfect.
  5. Stay hydrated, HOT fluids vs cold.
  6. Get rest (I went to bed at 630 pm the night before I wrote this and woke up at 9:30 am the next day)
  7. Only go out if you need to
  8. Only buy what you need (You probably do not need 47 cans of tomato soup for yourself, but please ask your loved ones if you can grab things for them.
  9. Social distancing (also great to get out of your dates)
  10. Do your best, be conscious of others, you may be healthy but others are not.

I know a lot of these are super obvious, but if you’re gonna be out in the world because you still need to make an income remember, just cause your careful doesn’t mean others are.

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