easy quesadillas

FIRST OF ALL, I’m just going to say it. I’ve never had a quesadilla in my life to making ten of them and sticking them in a freezer. Yeah, I’m really THAT person. Anyways, no one ever cares about the pre-story of your food, so let’s keep this party rockin’ shall we?

what you need:

  • tortillas (I bought a pack of 10)
  • a thing of spinach in whatever form you want (bagged, plastic container, fresh from your spinach garden)
  • a can of re fried beans
  • cheese (block or shredded, but you will be shredding it)
  • a baking sheet.

As you can tell by the photo that is everything I used. Preheat your oven to at least 375. While that is happening, lay out alllllll your tortillas, open the can of beans, grab a spoon dig into the can and spread the beans on the shells. Then slap on the spinach to your little hearts desire and then add the shredded cheese. Pick up the tortilla shell, fold in half and repeat until you run out of shells.

I was able to fit 4 per baking sheet and I put into the oven for 10 mins and flipping for another 5. Keep doing that until all are cooked.

Put on a plate, let it cool down, put in freezer bags accordingly. and that’s it, you are done.

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