{Nutree Amazonliss Hair Treatment}

Oh hello friends, been a hot second huh? However you know if I find something awesome I’ll pop back up here from time to time (hopefully more, and I know I know I say this every year and then disappear. It’s endearing really)

Back a few years ago (maybe close to 4 now) I did a post with Nutree about the hair Botox and loved it. So I was super excited to connect with them about a new product

Nutree Amazonliss 4 IN 1 SMOOTHING, DISCIPLINE, DEEP MOISTURIZING, INTENSE SHINE. Smoothes and disciplines hair, moisturizes hair, gives intense shine and smoothness. Replenishes the hydrolipidic and mineral balance of the hair. Sounds too good to be true right? Well buckle up babes, it’s true. I have a curly wavy super thick monstrosity of a hair that even when I straighten it it won’t stay straight.

Here’s my before (like 3 day old hair)

LOOK HOW GOOD MY HAIR LOOKS! Did I go to the salon? Nope. Even Mama TFB couldn’t believe it and thought I used an iron on it! When I did the treatment I did it at night because I refuse to be a morning person and I’m thrilled to say my hair still looks like that at 9:08 am (I do need to straighten my cowlick – but that doesn’t count)

She’s a hard person to convince

The product is ridiculously easy to use, you do need about an hour total so it’s perfect for working in to your girls night out routines (which once Ontario here opens up this will be part of my hair routine). All you need is a blow dryer and a brush, you put the product in damp hair let it sit for 30-40mins (I did about 35) rinse it out a littttle bit (I took this as stand under the shower for 1 min and rub my fingers through) then blow dry and brush and bam your good to go.

I posted the whole process on my Tik Tok and IG both are @trustfundbroke

If you like this product and would like to try it out for yourself click here and use the code LOVENUTREE for 15% off!

If you do buy it and try it let me know on my socials ❤️

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