{welcome to the shit show}

I am fucking 31 years old, which is absolutely wild in a sense because I feel like I was 23 and on top of the world yesterday, not nearly a decade ago. On paper (and via Instagram) my life’s great, always out with friends, trips etc. I’ve had coworkers tell me “man, you’re always having the time of your life”. That’s the thing, life is fucking short and you just gotta live it. Stop worrying about “oh it’s not a good time, 6 months would be better”.

Here’s the thing, I’ve really struggled with this blog & account because I always felt like oh if I did this I would get more followers, or if I use this setting, or that. But here’s the reality of it, I’m a fucking hot mess some days I have my shit together and sometimes I look like a walking garbage bag. So stick around, I’m gonna be my authentic self on here. The bad cooking attempts, the blackouts, boys I need to stop sleeping with. Your 20s are fun, but your 30s are much better. This about being yourself and not worrying about that aestheticly pleasing IG Feed, or being “that girl”. I don’t stick with my healthy routines, I sleep with makeup on, I’ll wear the same jeans back to back and honestly that is okay.

This is the 2020’s, women have to work, the internet is wild and I think everyone spends more time on Tik Tok than we want to admit and honestly shit is fucking hard man. Shit is hard.

Get your tequila, pour one out, and buckle up.

⁃ love always, your fun (probably drunk) older sister TFB.

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