How we got here…

trustfundbroke was started in December 2012. I’ve dabbled in it ever since. Even though 2012-2016 didn’t have a distinct theme, I’ve always identified as a lifestyle blog as it gave me freedom to blog whatever was on my mind. 2017 and onward will have the lifestyle theme, but with more structure focusing on wellness, health, fashion & beauty, travel (when I get the chance), food and navigating the last of your 20’s and entering the dirty thirty years.

Whether you need last minute recipes, a quick crash course in something, outfit tips, relationship drama, some half baked idea of a remodel for your home, I’m here to help you through my own adventures and misadventures.

If we’re gonna be friends you should know…

Even though I’m a Canadian girl, I hate the snow. Do not ask me to ski or participate (unless I can do it for the content), I’m about as basic as they come. My 9-5ish is in house marketing for a resort. You can catch me on the couch in sweats watching Vanderpump Rules, or any reality TV. I have more clothes than required by anyone and I will drink basically any caffeinated beverage and if we’re going out on the town, tequila
por favor. Christmas is my favorite holiday and if it’s a birthday I’m about as extra like a Real Housewife. Oh, and any big life decision is made to 80’s pop. If this sounds like you, leave a comment below, oh and welcome to the partyyyyy.

If you would like to connect, check out my contact page! 

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