sweet potato chunks

like every blogger here’s my 45 minute essay before you get to the actual recipe, totally kidding, but in all honesty I apparently have zero concept of using this air fryer thing and I burnt them HOWEVER it still tasted wonderful. I bought some prepackaged chunks of sweet potato. alright alright alright, dump the chunksContinue reading “sweet potato chunks”

{taco salad}

I’ve been on a taco salad kick lately however I hate most of all the traditional ingredients. I normally make this for a super quick lunch for work. • 1lb of lean ground beef • shredded cheese (I use nacho blend) • lettuce • chipotle • taco seasoning Cook the ground beef as normal, drainContinue reading “{taco salad}”

{More Homemade Mac & Cheese}

With the amount I make different versions of Mac and Cheese it could very well be a whole section later in life. Anyways, so I’m literallllllllllly obsessed with white cheddar Mac and cheese and President’s Choice has hands down the best one I’ve ever tasted. But while cruising the Bulk Barn, I forgot they sellContinue reading “{More Homemade Mac & Cheese}”

{Dump & Go Chilli}

One of my biggest things for 2018 is cooking more. My parents got me some new pots and pans for Christmas and a cookbook. I looooove Chilli, and I love it more in a crockpot but this time was a last minute decision. But it’s been -40 where I live lately and I needed someContinue reading “{Dump & Go Chilli}”

{the BEST & easy homemade mac and cheese}

With back to school season among us we all need a quick meal now and again, and what’s easier than mac and cheese? (Not from the box?) What you need: 1 or 2 cups of macaroni shells (depends on how much your making) A splash of milk (depends on if you want it creamy) 2Continue reading “{the BEST & easy homemade mac and cheese}”

{ the BEST and easiest Spinach dip you’ll ever make}

Around Christmas time last year I needed to find a few super quick dip recipes for my family dinner. Obviously, I turned to Pinterest where I found this recipe. Not only is it super cheap to make (under $10) but so easy that even the most undomestic people (me) can show up looking like MarthaContinue reading “{ the BEST and easiest Spinach dip you’ll ever make}”

{Cheese Stuffed Crossiant Rolls}

So here in Canada, it’s Thanksgiving. Which means most people are scrambling to bring something to dinner whether it be a family Thanksgiving or a Friendsgiving. Here’s a super easy recipe to make some yummy crossiants for any occasion. Ingredients:  One roll of Pillsbury Crossiant dough (makes 8) Shredded cheese of your choosing  Pre HeatContinue reading “{Cheese Stuffed Crossiant Rolls}”

{Low Fat Alfredo sauce}

I do not cook. The kitchen is about as foreign to me as they come. Ask my exes, I am the queen of take out. I did however buy Cravings, by Chrissy Tegien and I regret to share with the world that I packed it in the wrong box in storage hours away, so thereContinue reading “{Low Fat Alfredo sauce}”