{This year was for like, realizing things}

I’ve seen a number of social media posts this year about how “not everyone you loose is a loss” and how 2018 has shown us things etc. 2018 made me a stronger person and I’ve come to understand my goals, my ambitions, who’s in my circle, who never was, toxic relationships, toxic friendships, how IContinue reading “{This year was for like, realizing things}”

{27 things I learned by 27}

27 things I’ve learned by 27 1. it’s okay to not know what the fuck you are doing (no one does) 2. Society sucks, live by your own rules. 22 and bought a house? Awesome. 27 and drinks champagne as a main food group? Also awesome. 3. Eat healthy but still eat pizza. Treat yourContinue reading “{27 things I learned by 27}”

{a trip to Leisure Farms}

So Sunday we all took a rainy trip to the small town of Strugeon Falls, Ontario where we went to Leisure Farms (look that up on Instagram – pumpkins everywhere) and braved the rain and went on probably the best day we’ve ever had. On a good day Leisure Farms hosts around 6000 people onContinue reading “{a trip to Leisure Farms}”

{To The Boy Who Ghosted Me..}

  I hate the male population mostly the age category of 18-30. Y’all are a bunch of idiots. Okay, so being a twenty something I’m well versed in the art of online dating with apps such as Tinder and Bumble. I feel with those apps, you have an understanding going in that if it doesn’tContinue reading “{To The Boy Who Ghosted Me..}”

{It doesn’t hurt any less, a personal story on miscarriage}

  This is a very special post; something I need to express in the only way I know how to. Being told you are going to be a mother at a very unexpected time will shoot you through a rollercoster of emotions, I should know. I found out at the end of September I wasContinue reading “{It doesn’t hurt any less, a personal story on miscarriage}”

{A Rant on Fuckboys & Modern Dating}

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about 2 years. Oops. But hey, I now have a dipolma in Public Relations (drink!). I am a twenty-five year old single woman. Who just moved home for the summer (that’s another drink) but here’s what has me fired up on this causal Wednesday afternoon. Fuckboys. I personallyContinue reading “{A Rant on Fuckboys & Modern Dating}”

Why working in retail was the best prep for PR

I’ve worked in customer service since I had my first job at 15 years old. I started as a CSR (Customer Service Rep) at Pizza Hut. Little did I know at the time that my crappy part time job 8.5 years ago would actually be kickstarting my future career. I remember that a customer wasContinue reading “Why working in retail was the best prep for PR”

{Carrie & Big}

  Any girl who has watched Sex & the City knows what I’m talking about. The Carrie- Big relationship was a huge plot in the show. The heartbreaks, the make-ups, the chasing to PARIS, the affairs and we all sat there with our snack wishing we had a relationship like that. I was thinking onContinue reading “{Carrie & Big}”

{I’m back b*tches}

Oh hey there, It’s been a while. According to my last post I was last seen in the height of the John Mayer break up. I’ve been layin’ kinda low lately. Boy front hmm. Have a mentioned male best friend? Lets call him Lil’ J. So that’s a mess and a half most days. FeelsContinue reading “{I’m back b*tches}”