{Friday Five}

Guess who’s back back again, TFB’s hot hot mess is back again.

LISTENING // there are so many good songs right now. Breakup In The End – Cole Swindell is one of my many favs right now

EATING // THIS Mac and Cheese I made this week

DRINKING // loads of water & coffee 🤷🏼‍♀️

WATCHING // Gossip Girl, thank you Netflix

READING // I am all over the place! Blogs, news, etc

{More Homemade Mac & Cheese}

With the amount I make different versions of Mac and Cheese it could very well be a whole section later in life. Anyways, so I’m literallllllllllly obsessed with white cheddar Mac and cheese and President’s Choice has hands down the best one I’ve ever tasted. But while cruising the Bulk Barn, I forgot they sell the powder of both white cheddar and cheddar so I decided to make it with some macaroni and powdered cheese (which is kinda cheaper in the long haul).

so what you need:

  • Macaroni
  • White cheddar (or just cheddar) powder from Bulk Barn
  • Butter
  • Milk (to make it extra creamy goodness)

Make the pasta as you normally would strain when fully cooked.

  • Mix in butter
  • Mix in the powder (I used about 4 tablespoons)
  • A tad more butter
  • Milk (at your own discretion)

Voila :) enjoy

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{Dump & Go Chilli}

One of my biggest things for 2018 is cooking more. My parents got me some new pots and pans for Christmas and a cookbook.

I looooove Chilli, and I love it more in a crockpot but this time was a last minute decision. But it’s been -40 where I live lately and I needed some warmth. However, if you prepped the following and put it in a freezer bag and put in a crock pot for sure.

This was just things I dumped into the pot.

  • 3 lbs of medium ground beef (I’m freezing some chilli to heat up later)
  • 2 cans of beans in tomatoes
  • 2 cans of tomato soup (I added the 2nd can after the meat)
  • 1 can red kidney beans
  • 1 packet of chilli seasoning

In a pan cook ground beef as normal

In a big pot, dump 2 cans of beans with Tomatos and stir to move around the liquids

Then add the 1st can of tomato sauce and stir

Add the red kidney beans and stir

Dump the cooked ground beef into the pot with the 2nd can of tomato soup and stir.

Leave on medium heat with the lid on for 10-15 mins while stirring occasionally.

Remove from heat and serve :)

I added cheese as an extra topping to melt in

Enjoy :)

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{27 things I learned by 27}

27 things I’ve learned by 27

1. it’s okay to not know what the fuck you are doing (no one does)
2. Society sucks, live by your own rules. 22 and bought a house? Awesome. 27 and drinks champagne as a main food group? Also awesome.
3. Eat healthy but still eat pizza. Treat your body good but treat yourself too
4. You lose friends like a drunk girl loses her earrings – the ones who never left are the ones meant to be
5. Just fuckin buy it. Life’s short.
6. Early nights and Netflix are not terrible
7. You will have less bar clothes and more sweaters. I ain’t even mad.
8. Plot twist: no one gives a fuck, so go and do it. (That’s your motivation)
9. You’ll hang out with people you never thought you would and they’ll turn out pretty damn awesome.
10. Figure you’re financial life out a bit, for god sakes.
11. Beyoncé was right, if he likes it he will put a ring on it & if not TELL HIM BOY BYE.
12. Go to the gym, it sucks, but everyone else there thinks it sucks too.
13. Follow your fuckin dreams man, who cares if your mom says it’s going no where
14. Swear, lots.
15. Self care is way more important than you think.
16. Find your happy.
17. Get a routine (still working on that)
18. Do your laundry and dishes and learn how to properly clean a bathroom. Please
19. The FRIENDS theme song is more relatable than you think. (👏🏼👏🏼)
20. Fall in love with yourself
21. Your friends will always support you and if they don’t they ain’t a real friend
22. Just binge watch
23. Naps are underrated
24. Whether you want to or not, always try and look your best cause when you don’t you see EVERYONE
25. Degrees are helpful but they don’t always mean anything, crush it girl.
26. Spend as much time as you can with loved ones
27. Say it. Feel it. Life’s short.

{From the Hills bad boy to Pratt Daddy}

If you told me in 2006 I would be sitting here 11 years later on a blog writing about Spencer Pratt, I would of laughed in your effing face.

First things first – I thought Spencer Pratt was this little hottie bad boy on the Princes of Malibu with the other hottie, Brody Jenner so you can imagine my excitement when the Princes joined the cast of my beloved Hills (I watch all them about once a year FYI) Anyways so Brody starts going after Lauren in this now-made-public-knowledge of a “relationship” but what was real was Spencer and Heidi’s relationship. When Spencer first joined the show I adored him then obviously “we know what they did” happened and Spencer became one of MTVs Bad Boy Villains and we all thought Heidi should leave him and that whole drama gave us a good 6 seasons of guilty pleasure watching.

But lets fast forward to 2017 where our favourite MTV Villain has turned into Pratt Daddy.

I think I stumbled on Spencer via Twitter one day in late 2016 and honestly no boy has ever had my heart like Spencer Pratt currently does (Sorry Heidi). Spencer has taken over social media, he is our God and we must bow down. But Mr. Pratt Daddy himself gave me an opportunity via Twitter that was the coolest thing of my entire career (and lack of). We were chatting via Twitter and I told him we need a TV show (Fun Fact: as I’m writing this he’s at E studios filming the Rundown and talking Kardashian’s) and we tagged MTV and I actually pitched to MTV in 140 characters. SO thank you for that.

Spencer is a way of life, once you discover him you cant get enough and your 2006 self will hate you for loving him. He’s actually the modern day Oprah of Millienals. I watch all of Spencers content and day to day life via Snapchat so its like I have a TV show but live so ha MTV. The world also witnessed the pregnancy of the miracle (and social media verified) Gunner Stone Pratt and while watching the Pratts on Snapchat you can actually see the love radiate from your phone screen to their child. But we cannot forget about Spencer and the Hummingbirds aka Allen. When Spence isn’t loving crystals, his son, or the hummingbirds he’s single handily responsible for making Taylor Swift famous again (not even sorry Kayne).

I best wrap up what turned out to be a love letter about Spencer. But go follow him. Thank me later (with a $200 bottle of tequila)

Here’s to you Pratt Daddy.

{a trip to Leisure Farms}

So Sunday we all took a rainy trip to the small town of Strugeon Falls, Ontario where we went to Leisure Farms (look that up on Instagram – pumpkins everywhere) and braved the rain and went on probably the best day we’ve ever had. On a good day Leisure Farms hosts around 6000 people on their fall season but do to the rain I don’t think we saw more than 50 people all day.

I’ve never been to Leisure Farms and I wanted one of those damn pumpkin pictures, and I get one Sunday off a month and it was raining. Oh well, the rain wasn’t even horrible.

We arrived and went inside for 3 of us it was $30 to do a wagon ride, roast marshmallows have hot chocolate and get a small pumpkin and a corn maze. Plus $2 each to launch a PUMPKIN CANNON.

First up was the corn maze, that was $2 and a lot of fun. We ended up wandering through together till (surprisingly) the end we decided to spilt up, my roommate was the first out, I was the second & my best friend got lost. We ended up going back into the maze and found her. Then we went to the big tent and got our hot chocolate and then jumped on the wagon. The wagon ride took us to the back of the property (where the pumpkin canon was) and through trails that had Teepees and a tree fort (which was made by giants I swear) we ended up hanging around the rented fire warming up because we got caught in more rain then we did all day. After an hour we jumped back on the wagon and headed back to take the famous pumpkin pictures. We looked like drown rats cause apparently we weren’t smart enough to think to do it before the rain. We also went into the building where we paid & got fresh bread, pies cookies and a cinnamon roll for ya girl over here. The same guy who was working cash and I got chatting and when he found out about the blog he told me to make sure I tag them and #farmlife

Leisure Farms is open 9-5 everyday and the fall activities are 11-5 on weekends!

Thanks for the fun time Leisure Farms #FarmLife

{the BEST & easy homemade mac and cheese}

With back to school season among us we all need a quick meal now and again, and what’s easier than mac and cheese? (Not from the box?)

What you need:

  • 1 or 2 cups of macaroni shells (depends on how much your making)
  • A splash of milk (depends on if you want it creamy)
  • 2 cups of shredded cheese
  • Any other of your favourite ingredients

Boil pasta like normal
Drain the pasta
Stir in the milk
Add the cheese
(Add more milk to help melt)

Vegan? No problem – substitute milk for soy and cheese for dairy free!

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{Friday Five}

Such a crazy few months! But here’s a long awaited Friday Five! 

ONE // Lauren Conrad giving birth. She gave birth to Liam James Tell this week and I am living for it. 

TWO // Chi Frappes from McDonald’s. Life changing, as long as you like chi.

THREE // Leave Your Mark – Aliza Light if you’re a PR Babe, I highly recommend reading this book

FOUR // Kate Spade’s 2018 Planners. 

FIVE // Patio Drinks, ’tis the season to have one (or a few) on a patio lookin’ fly with your pals. 

{Planner Post!} 

I’ve been literally promising you this planner post for months so here it is. Finally here it is. I’m generally a die hard Kate Spade planner fan I had one for 2013-14, 2015-16 (I had a Lilly Pulitzer in 2014-15) and then for this year, I had purchased a Day Designer.

First of all, I love Day Designer. Total #GirlBoss planner. My biggest issue was the 6am-9pm layout. I personally found I didn’t have enough things in my day to fully use it’s full potential. (Yes, I was in school at the time of using it) but everything else I loved about it. Hopefully in the future, I’ll be able to fill and maximize the full potential. Use for: your busy 9-5 life.

Second up was the Recollections by Michaels spiral planner (similar to the Happy Planner). It wasn’t a bad planner, had a good amount of space, easy to use, easy to organize (I did mine by home, school, other). I bought all the stickers, washi tapes basically decked it right out. I had no complaints until the hard plastic covers would rip off in my bags.

Use For: school mostly

Third and final planner is the Happy Planner. Comes in a wide variety of sizes and you’ve most likely seen a whole aisle of it at Michaels. What I really like about this is how you can add and subtract pages. (I’ve currently got the budget expansion pack in it). Also the accessories for the planner line is addictive. Damn you Michaels and your coupons. I’m currently using this for day to day activities and my work schedule (if the wall calendar and iCal wasn’t enough). I feel like this planner is great for moms and students. I’m currently starting to make my mom a customized one for her busy life.

Other organizers I have and use:

  • the Recollections Grateful Journal
  •  the Recollections Fitness Journal
  • a bullet Journal (Moleskine)
  •  a 5 subject notebook

What are you guys using? Let me know below or on my Instagram! I loooove planners 😊

{Post Grad Life}

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way, your jobs a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D.O.A”

You work anywhere between 2-4 years on your degree or diploma and you put literal blood sweat and beers into it. Well the fun is ending and your parents are calling you everyday to talk about your future. Peace out higher education it’s been real. 
But, there’s this glorious thing called grad school (or 1 year diplomas in Canada) where it gives you options to pursue more education. Bring on the essays, plus it gives you time to figure out what you’re actually doing with your life. “Oh yes, I’m currently taking a grad program in __________”. And suddenly Aunt Susan, shuts up and goes “good for you honey!”

But for those who have entered the Post Grad world, welcome. So the Post Grad world is a maze (I’ve heard rumours it’s called adulting) you aim to get a job in your field, you have to figure out how to pay back your debt, you may live with your parents and you may have a job not even remotely close to what you just went to school for but it’s allllll good. You’ll also find that all of a sudden all your friends are getting married and having babies. I got drunk last week on a Monday @ 4:30 and cleaned my apartment (who is more fun than me). Anyways, I’ve got an okay job that lets me live a comfortable life but I’ve got bills and they are multiplying and a mother who goes “are you ever gonna work in your field?” (Public Relations, hit me up) 
I’m twenty six and half years old, I should know how to manage my finances better and budget and have some form of life plan. I don’t. I mean I have ideas, thoughts and would be nice to do – is that normal? Did I miss that at the Post Grad life meeting? Should I still desire to get absolutely shit faced on a Wednesday to 90’s music? Shouldn’t I have some cute Pinterest inspired apartment with my 6′ tall model boyfriend and our cute puppy? (not gonna lie, I really did think that I’d wake up with that one day like it was right of passage). 
Each day I find myself relating to that Alexis Bledel movie Post Grad. Even though there isn’t a manual (unless there is, then please sent it to me ASAP!) on how the world works after Post Grad in the words of my favourite teacher “Dream. Try. Do good” – Mr. Feeny