{Carrie & Big}

  Any girl who has watched Sex & the City knows what I’m talking about. The Carrie- Big relationship was a huge plot in the show. The heartbreaks, the make-ups, the chasing to PARIS, the affairs and we all sat there with our snack wishing we had a relationship like that. I was thinking onContinue reading “{Carrie & Big}”

{I’m back b*tches}

Oh hey there, It’s been a while. According to my last post I was last seen in the height of the John Mayer break up. I’ve been layin’ kinda low lately. Boy front hmm. Have a mentioned male best friend? Lets call him Lil’ J. So that’s a mess and a half most days. FeelsContinue reading “{I’m back b*tches}”

{My Ex John Mayer}

Okay, so I obviously didn’t actually date John Mayer. But my ex looks like him & is triple the douche. After last months I basically am in love with you and last weeks super awkward run in at the bar which resulted into a super drunk me. I tried to cut off contact with John,Continue reading “{My Ex John Mayer}”