easy quesadillas

FIRST OF ALL, I’m just going to say it. I’ve never had a quesadilla in my life to making ten of them and sticking them in a freezer. Yeah, I’m really THAT person. Anyways, no one ever cares about the pre-story of your food, so let’s keep this party rockin’ shall we? what you need:Continue reading “easy quesadillas”

{Cheese Stuffed Crossiant Rolls}

So here in Canada, it’s Thanksgiving. Which means most people are scrambling to bring something to dinner whether it be a family Thanksgiving or a Friendsgiving. Here’s a super easy recipe to make some yummy crossiants for any occasion. Ingredients:¬† One roll of Pillsbury Crossiant dough (makes 8) Shredded cheese of your choosing¬† Pre HeatContinue reading “{Cheese Stuffed Crossiant Rolls}”