{welcome to the shit show}

I am fucking 31 years old, which is absolutely wild in a sense because I feel like I was 23 and on top of the world yesterday, not nearly a decade ago. On paper (and via Instagram) my life’s great, always out with friends, trips etc. I’ve had coworkers tell me “man, you’re always havingContinue reading “{welcome to the shit show}”

Here’s to 2020

According to WordPress I’ve been blogging for 7 years which is wild, the amount I’ve grown and changed but each year I promise myself to blog more because I enjoy it, I truly do. 2019 had zero posts, and honestly that’s okay. The older I get the more grateful I am to experience the thingsContinue reading “Here’s to 2020”

{This year was for like, realizing things}

I’ve seen a number of social media posts this year about how “not everyone you loose is a loss” and how 2018 has shown us things etc. 2018 made me a stronger person and I’ve come to understand my goals, my ambitions, who’s in my circle, who never was, toxic relationships, toxic friendships, how IContinue reading “{This year was for like, realizing things}”

{27 things I learned by 27}

27 things I’ve learned by 27 1. it’s okay to not know what the fuck you are doing (no one does) 2. Society sucks, live by your own rules. 22 and bought a house? Awesome. 27 and drinks champagne as a main food group? Also awesome. 3. Eat healthy but still eat pizza. Treat yourContinue reading “{27 things I learned by 27}”

{From the Hills bad boy to Pratt Daddy}

If you told me in 2006 I would be sitting here 11 years later on a blog writing about Spencer Pratt, I would of laughed in your effing face. First things first – I thought Spencer Pratt was this little hottie bad boy on the Princes of Malibu with the other hottie, Brody Jenner soContinue reading “{From the Hills bad boy to Pratt Daddy}”

{The Words I’ll Never Say}

Saying goodbye to you has always been the hardest thing I’ve ever do. I never know if it’s the last time, maybe I’m dependent on you still, just bit. I’ve been your biggest fan for 2 years and I’m still your biggest fan. I’m so so so proud of you for being an adult. Don’tContinue reading “{The Words I’ll Never Say}”

{Carrie & Big}

  Any girl who has watched Sex & the City knows what I’m talking about. The Carrie- Big relationship was a huge plot in the show. The heartbreaks, the make-ups, the chasing to PARIS, the affairs and we all sat there with our snack wishing we had a relationship like that. I was thinking onContinue reading “{Carrie & Big}”

{F*ck you, F*ck you very much}

I think this months theme has been boys. I’m just having a good solid month of all then men need to go you know where. I picked the worst time too, it’s fall. Everyone has ridiculously cute pictures in the leaves with their boyfriends or are getting boyfriends and I have seriously had like 5Continue reading “{F*ck you, F*ck you very much}”

{Bad Boy Bad Boy whatcha going to do when they come for you}

Let’s get this straight. I have two levels of attraction. The cliche douchebag that I hook up with and want absolutely nothing to do with during normal hours. Seriously, if one of them texts me before 8 pm I roll my eyes and take three hours to answer. But the guy’s I wanna date orContinue reading “{Bad Boy Bad Boy whatcha going to do when they come for you}”

{ a guide to types of guys }

Okay, so this is LONG over due. Here’s TFB’s guide to types of men because, you KNOW I’ve encountered them all. I personally seem to attract the biggest D-bags. Also, the guide is listed with references to the Men of The Hills, you know for visual references 1) The Guy You’re Not Dating But Should BeContinue reading “{ a guide to types of guys }”