{From the Hills bad boy to Pratt Daddy}

If you told me in 2006 I would be sitting here 11 years later on a blog writing about Spencer Pratt, I would of laughed in your effing face. First things first – I thought Spencer Pratt was this little hottie bad boy on the Princes of Malibu with the other hottie, Brody Jenner soContinue reading “{From the Hills bad boy to Pratt Daddy}”

{My Ex John Mayer}

Okay, so I obviously didn’t actually date John Mayer. But my ex looks like him & is triple the douche. After last months I basically am in love with you and last weeks super awkward run in at the bar which resulted into a super drunk me. I tried to cut off contact with John,Continue reading “{My Ex John Mayer}”

{Nobody Likes You When You’re 23}

My twenty-third birthday is coming up in December. I have such mixed feelings about this. I’ve refused to even celebrate or mention my birthday this year. I’m single. Living with my parents working a min wage job and haven’t finished college. Sure, I’ve applied and should know soon but it’s still the unknown. If there’sContinue reading “{Nobody Likes You When You’re 23}”