{From the Hills bad boy to Pratt Daddy}

If you told me in 2006 I would be sitting here 11 years later on a blog writing about Spencer Pratt, I would of laughed in your effing face. First things first – I thought Spencer Pratt was this little hottie bad boy on the Princes of Malibu with the other hottie, Brody Jenner soContinue reading “{From the Hills bad boy to Pratt Daddy}”

{My Love Affair with Tequila}

Oh Tequila. How I love thee. Tequila & I met after my break up with JR back in 2011 & it’s been quite the relationship. Back in my more prominent bar star days bar’s used to buy me tequila as I’d do 7 shots straight. I used to also pre game with tequila. A littleContinue reading “{My Love Affair with Tequila}”

How to Survive Wedding Season (while being Fabulously-Single)

* This will be a series, as the wedding progresses, stay tuned!*  “We’re ENGAGED” OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? E-N-A-G-A-G-E-D. “Okay, woah, hold up. I’m still drunk from New Years over here.”  I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for them. Mind you, I’m kinda sorta self centred in a way where I’m likeContinue reading “How to Survive Wedding Season (while being Fabulously-Single)”